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Remistura 7

Trançando as pernas

No forró do pelé

na cachaçaria

Jazzman no morro - available soon

Gênese - available soon

No boteco do pará - available soon

por meio triz - available soon


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Remistura 7 - Intro

trançando as pernas - Intro

No forró do pelé - rhythm

Na cachaçaria  - solo



Remistura 7 @ casa de francisca - São paulo

Credits List

Gian Correa - 7-string acoustic guitar, compositions and arrangements

Josué dos Santos - soprano sax

Vitor Alcântara - alto sax

Jota P. Barbosa - tenor sax

César Roversi - baritone sax

Rafael Toledo - pandeiro


Produced by Gian Correa

Record live from 10/20/2015 and 10/21/2015 at Studio 185 Apodi

Recording Technician - Gustavo Trivela do Vale

Mixing and Mastering - Homero Lotito

Graphic Project CD/DVD - Anderson Monteiro

Cover Picture - André Hosoi

Cameras - Wilton Costa, Magrão, Jailton Costa, Binho e Shina

Video - Beto Mendonça (direction and editing), Jeannine Gentile (editing)

Executive Producers I Elisa Gudin, Raquel Borges, Edu Garcia and Renato Freixeda