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      Gian Correa is a 7-string acoustic guitar player, composer, arranger and a musical producer. His first authorial work, “Mistura 7” (YB Music/2013) was broadly praised by the critic. As examples, we have Hermano Vianna, from the website G1; Tárik de Souza, from the magazine “Carta Capital”; Carlos Bozzo Júnior, from the newspaper “Folha de São Paulo”; Carlos Calado, from the newspaper “Zero Hora”; Fábio Carrilho, from the magazine “Guitar Player”.

           In 2016, Gian released his second album, Remistura 7 (YB Music), recorded live in CD and DVD at Estúdio 185 Apodi. The record was also broadly praised by the critic. Carlos Calado (Folha de São Paulo/Valor Econômico) considered the album to be amongst the top ten albuns of the year. Itaú Cultural, as well, regarde the album to be in the best of the year.

         Gian is now preparing the release of a duo album with mandolin player Fabio Perón. Also, set to be released in 2017 is the album “Esmê”, in honor of composer Esmeraldino Salles, alongside André Mehmari, Fábio Perón and Fernando Amaro.

Gian took his instrumental project to stages such as the Ibirapuera Auditorium, SESC Pompeia, Ourinhos Music Festival, Praça das Artes, Sala do Conservatório, SESC Ribeirão Preto, Avaré Choro Festival, Botucatu Municipal Theatre, Clube do Choro de Santos and Souza Lima College.

          Recorded numerous CD’s in São Paulo’s choro musical scene with his groups Panorama do Choro, Aeromosca, Alexandre Ribeiro Quartet, Cadeira de Balanço, Grupo Um a Zero, Grupo Chorando as Pitangas and Entre Linhas. Participated on stage and on recordings with artists such as Zeca Baleiro, Germano Mathias, Nelson Ayres, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Emicida, Toninho Ferragutti, Mestrinho, Yamandu Costa, Monarco da Portela, Nelson Sargento, Juliana Amaral, Verônica Ferriani, Fabiana Cozza, Laércio de Freitas, Altamiro Carrilho, Nailor Proveta, Danilo Brito and Rodrigo Campos. Despite of his young age, he’s played with these and many other artists in stages all around the world, such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Palau de la Musica Catalaña in Barcelona, Casa da Música in Porto, Teatro de Bellas Artes in Bogota, Clube do Choro in Paris, Zappa in Tel Aviv, Casa do Brasil in Madri, Durov Club in Moscow, Usadba Jazz Festival Ecaterimburgo (Russia).

            Gian was contemplated with two ProACs Prêmio for recording and performing his solo projects, apart from other ProACs Prêmio he received with his choro groups. The DVD was made possible by crowdfunding.

       He teaches at the Ibirapuera Auditorium School and has given courses on acoustic guitar at the Choro and Jazz Festival of Jericoacoara, Ourinhos Music Festival, Camp Sambaíba, in addition to workshops at the Brasília Music School, Clube do Choro Brasília, Clube do Choro Paris, Avaré Choro Festival. He’s also participated in evaluation boards at EMESP – Tom Jobim.

         Gian Correa started playing choro as a kid, encouraged by his father. In the beginning, studied cavaquinho, switching, later on, to the 7-string acoustic guitar. Took classes at ULM and EMIA schools and has a degree in popular acoustic guitar from Cantareira College. Studied arrangement and harmony with Cláudio Leal and has deepened his knowledge on music writing with Gustavo Bugni.

          Currently, Gian is a part of the groups Rejunte and Som Sem Domo, in São Paulo. In 2016 launches a web series called "Joga um 7 aí!” which aims to spread the Brazilian language of the 7-string guitar and disseminate young musicians and representatives veteran masters of this instrument in the country. The series has had guests such as Rogério Caetano, Bozó 7 Cordas, Paulão 7 Cordas, Carlinhos 7 Cordas, and others.